The convenience of online shopping can't be disputed. You can find just about anything in a matter of seconds without ever leaving home. So how do you give your customers the convenience of online shopping with the personal feel of a local mom-and-pop shop? By making your store as personal as possible! 

Your About Us Page 🙋🏻

A thoughtful, well-presented About Us page can help introduce you and your business to your customers, giving them a more personal shopping experience. Your store's About Us page is often linked from your theme header or footer, and can be used to introduce yourself, your store, and even your products. To customize your About Us page:

  1. Go to Design > Site Content in your Admin Area.
  2. On the Site Content: Articles page, scroll to the Company Information section.
  3. Click on ID # 1, labeled for your AboutUs.asp page.
  4. Add content to the Article Body section
  5. Click Save.

Now, when you visit, you will see your customized About Us page! ( would need to be replaced with  your website's URL.)


Many merchant services providers require that you have a clear return policy accessible on your storefront. Having a good return policy can also boost customer trust and help you to drive more sales! You can customize your Returns page as follows:

  1. Go to Design > Site Content.
  2. On the Update Content: Articles page, scroll to the Company Information section.
  3. Click ID # 3, labeled for your returns.asp page.
  4. Add content to the Article Body section
  5. Click Save.

Your store's return policy will now be clearly listed on your storefront!

Terms 💼

Having a customized set of terms and conditions can help protect you from chargebacks while building customers' trust in your company. Your Volusion store already has a dedicated page with standard boilerplate text for this purpose. Since not all of the text will apply to your company, it's a good idea to customize the content to fit your specific business, products and services.

Follow these steps to customize your terms.asp page:

  1. Go to Settings > Company.
  2. Click Edit Terms & Conditions to expand the edit box.
  3. Review the available terms and customize as needed for your store. Note that the $(CompanyNameLegal) text in the terms is a variable that will be filled automatically on your storefront with your Legal Company Name.
  4. Click Save.

Your updated terms and conditions will now be visible on your store's terms.asp page!

If you aren't sure what to include in your terms and conditions, websites like TermsFeed offer free and paid assistance with creating legal documents specific for your business.

Other Pages

We covered the most common informational pages above, but you may want to personalize your store even further. Adding a new informational page is a piece of cake! To learn how, check out our guide on creating an article.


Your store's info pages are just as important as the items you sell. This is why they should all work together to let customers know that you – a real person – stand behind your products and services. So go ahead: get informative!

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