An SSL certificate is a security measure that protects your site (and your customers' credit card information) from less-than-savory characters. All ecommerce websites must have an SSL certificate to ensure safe credit card transactions through the checkout process. Luckily, Volusion makes getting an SSL a quick and easy process.

Important Information

  • All of Volusion's unlimited plans include a free SSL for your store.

  • The SSL will be automatically installed on your store within minutes after you go live on your domain name.

  • Your SSL will renew on its own every three months, with no action required on your part. 

  • If you purchased a third-party SSL and would like to have it installed on your store, you'll need to email our Billing team at (There will be a fee of $99 to install the certificate on your store's server.) 

Once your SSL is installed, the "https" protocol will replace "http" in your store's URL. The "s" in "https" means your domain is secure, which customers (and search engines) will see as a sign of trust.

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