Welcome to Volusion! We're excited to have you on board, and you're probably excited to start building your store! 🎉

The first thing you need to do is log in to your store's Admin Area and provide some basic information about your business. This is not only the basis for how your store will appear to customers, but it also enables some automated functions like emails, shipping and more.

Company Information

To complete your Company Information, go to Settings > Company in your Admin Area, where you'll find some basic information to fill out. 

Here's some info that you might need to know for this page:

  • Company Name (the name you want to appear on all documents that your store generates, such as emails).
  • Website Title (how you want your store name to appear in web browsers).
  • Company Address (the address you use for tax purposes).
  • Email (the email address customers can use to contact your store).
  • Additional Email Settings (allows you to add separate emails for different purposes — see more info below).
  • Domain Name (the name that will appear in the URL of your store).

Additional Email Settings 📬

Your store’s settings default to your primary email, but you can specialize messages even further with these fields:

  • Send Order Notifications To (when you get a new order, a notification will be sent to this address).
  • CC Orders to (additional email addresses that should receive order notifications).
  • Send Billing Emails From (the email you want to use to send billing notifications).
  • Send Affiliate Applications To (the email that receives a notification when someone requests to be an affiliate).

Terms and Conditions

When customers sign up for an account with your store, they’ll be presented with a basic set of legal terms and conditions. If you want to handle the legalese, you can modify the terms as you see fit or even create your own!

Note: this field contains some programming jargon, such as $(CompanyNameLegal). We recommend that you don’t remove or modify these variables, to avoid any system errors!

Configuring Your Domain Name

If you don’t already own a domain name, you’ll need to purchase one! See Choosing a Domain Name.

A Quick Note on Domain Names and SSL Certificates ☝️️

If you’re planning to receive credit card payments directly through your store, you'll need an SSL certificate to make sure that  shoppers' personal data is secure!

Installing an SSL takes several business days, so you'll want to get the ball rolling early. (Hot tip: when you purchase an SSL from Volusion, there's no installation fee!)


Congratulations! You've just taken a big step in your store setup. It's almost time to start selling, but know that we'll still be here to help throughout the entire process!

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