Your Volusion store comes with an abundance of powerful tools and resources, so it’s important that you take a few minutes to learn your way around!

You’ll use two different sets of credentials to log in and manage your Volusion store; one for MyVolusion, where you’ll manage your business relationship with Volusion, and one for your Admin Area, where you’ll set up and manage your storefront.

Getting to Know Your Admin Area

Your store Admin Area is where you’ll set up products, process orders, communicate with customers and more! When your Volusion store order is processed, you’ll receive an email titled “Welcome to your Volusion online store” that contains your Admin Area URL. Be sure to bookmark the URL so you can easily access your Admin Area later!

Getting to Know MyVolusion

Your MyVolusion account is created when you purchase your store plan. This is where you’ll manage your account with Volusion: view your billing history and payment information, communicate with Volusion through Support tickets, and more.

To log in to your MyVolusion account, visit

Got the basics down? Great! Now let's get you selling.

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