To integrate accessiBe into your Volusion store use the following steps:

Visit accessiBe's site and create your account.

Once you have created your account access your site's Admin Page and click the Design tab to open the dropdown menu.

On the dropdown menu, choose File Editor.

On the File Editor page, locate the Theme File in the Shortcuts menu on the right-hand side of the page. Click the link for your sites HTML Theme File to open it.

accessiBe will work wherever you place the code in your template, however, we suggest putting it right before the closing of the body tag, which is always the second line from the end of the file.

accessiBe's installation code can be grabbed from your account on their website (you'll need one if you did not yet sign-up).

Paste your accessiBe code into the HTML Theme file above the body closing tag.

To finalize your changes and save your code, click the blue Save button at the top right of the HTML file window.

Then the accessiBe AI kicks in and starts analyzing your website to optimize it for blind people's screen-readers and keyboard navigation for the motor-impaired. All-in-all, you can sit back and relax, accessiBe is now doing all the heavy lifting of the accessibility requirements.

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