Orders are important for any online business, so we here at Volusion have made processing them super easy.

Getting Started

To access orders in your Admin Area, On the Top Navigation menu choose Orders and then Process Orders.

Here you can view some important details, such as open orders, pending shipments, shipped orders, and all orders. You can also do a search for orders, or sort them by different categories.

Searching for an Order

There are 2 Search functions available on the Process Orders page. Clicking the Search button will allow you to search by many different order criteria. This can be helpful if you are trying to locate an older order, or an order that you do not have sufficient data for.

Clicking the Quick Search button will bring up an abbreviated set of search criteria. This is useful if you have more precise information about an order, such as Order ID, Customer ID or the customer email used to place the order.

How to Process an Order

Before you receive your first order, you'll want to set up alerts so that you know when someone has made a purchase.

Get Order Alerts

  1. Go to Settings > Company.

  2. Locate the Email field and click More below it.

  3. In the Send Order Notifications To field, type the email address you want to receive order notifications.

  4. Save.

To process an order, follow these steps:

1. Lock the Order

  1. Go to Orders > Process Orders.

  2. Select the order you would like to process.

  3. Click Lock Order. Now only administrators will be able to edit this order.

When an order is Locked...

  • The merchant can manually change the amount charged for shipping down in the Details section

  • The customer cannot change anything on the order except for the payment method

When an order is Unlocked...

  • The customer can add items, remove items, and change the contents of the order

  • The customer can add gift certificates

  • The customer can change shipping method, shipping address, and billing address

2. Collect Payment

On the order details page, scroll down to the Payments section. Here, you'll find a Payments & Credits heading, where you can see how the customer paid! Confirm this amount with the amount listed as the Total Due under the Details heading. If the amounts are the same, locate the Capture menu and click Apply. This completes the payment capture process, and you will now be paid for the order.

Quick Note: If a payment is declined, the Payments & Credits section will let you update the payment method. To do so, select Credit Card from the Change Payment Type menu and fill out all of the fields.

3. Print Your Shipping label. 

Volusion lets you choose from FedEx, UPS, or USPS. You can also set up any additional information that may be required (for example, customs information for international orders) and obtain a tracking number for the shipment.

4. Send Your Confirmation Email

After you’ve collected payment and shipped an order, notify your customer that their item is on its way. Clicking the Complete Order button at the top of the order details page will send a notification email to the customer informing them that their order has shipped.

When the merchant clicks the Complete Order button...

  1. The order is Locked

  2. Order status is set to Shipped

  3. The OrderHasShipped.asp email is sent to the customer

Here are a few additional emails you can send about orders using the Email menu:

  • Shipped

  • Partially shipped

  • Invoice

  • Product Keys

  • Gift Certificates

Canceling Orders

To cancel an order:

  1. From your Admin Area, go to Orders > Process Orders.

  2. Click the Order ID of the order you want to cancel.

  3. From the Status menu at the top of the order details page, select Cancel Order.

  4. In the dialog box that appears, click Yes, cancel order to complete the order cancellation.

Editing Orders

Sometimes people change their mind! No sweat. Here are some ways you may need to edit existing orders.

Add Products to an Order

  1. At Orders > Process Orders, click an order's ID number.

  2. Under Details, click Add. A new form will appear, where you'll add the new item.

  3. Enter the field values for the product you want to add.

  4. Click Save.

Edit Products on an Order

  1. Head over to the Details section and click Edit next to Products

  2. Edit the info within the table as needed.

  3. Click Save to update the order.

Add Discounts to an Existing Order

To apply a discount to an existing order, go to the Discounts section of the order details page and just click Add.

Update Shipping Information

In the Shipping section near the top of each order details page, you can update the current shipping address for an order by clicking Edit next to the Shipping title.

To change the shipping method for an order, go to the Tracking section and select a new method from the Shipping Method menu.

Apply Tracking Numbers

To apply a tracking number to an order within the Tracking Number section of the order details page, enter the tracking number in the Tracking # field, select the shipping method, and enter a shipping date and cost. When finished, click Save.

Update Billing Information    

You can updated billing information within an order’s details page by clicking Edit next to the Billing heading.


My order status is Shipped but my customer did not receive the OrderHasShipped email.

This is usually caused by manually setting the order status to Shipped instead of hitting the Complete Order button. When the order status is changed using the status dropdown, the OrderHasShipped email will -not- be automatically sent.

Resend out the OrderHasShipped email using the Email dropdown menu. For future orders, click the Complete Order button when fulfilling the order to automatically send the OrderHasShipped email..


You've made it to the meat of your store: the orders! Congrats on getting your business up and running. And as always, we're here to help you every step of the way.

For more advanced order processing options, see "Additional Order Processing Features".

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