Volusion makes it easy to create an export for the Google Merchant Center/Product Searches. Read on to learn more!

To perform the export:

  1. Go to Inventory > Import/Export > Saved Exports.

  2. Select Add New Query and enter the information shown in the table below into the corresponding fields for the Saved Export.

  3. Once you've created this export, you can go, at any time, to the Inventory > Import/Export section, select Saved Exports and create the required Google feed. All products for which Google Product Category is not NULL will be added to the export.

QB Customer ID: 0
QB Table: DB_Export
QB Title: Google
QB Query Type: SELECT
QB Query: see below*
QB Export File Type: TAB

*Use the following for the QB Query value:

SELECT p.productcode AS id,
 p.productname AS [stripHTML-title],
 Isnull(Isnull(p.google_product_type, pp.google_product_type), 'n/a') AS product_type,
 Isnull(Isnull(p.google_product_category, pp.google_product_category), 'n/a') AS google_product_category,
 CASE WHEN ISNULL(p.IsChildOfProductCode, '') = '' THEN
 ISNULL(p.Google_Unique_Identifier_Exists, 1)
 ISNULL(pp.Google_Unique_Identifier_Exists, 1)
 END AS identifier_exists,
 CASE WHEN ISNULL(p.IsChildOfProductCode, '') = '' THEN
 ISNULL(p.Google_Adult_Product, 0)
 ISNULL(pp.Google_Adult_Product, 0)
 END AS adult,
 Isnull(p.saleprice, p.productprice) AS price,
 Isnull(p.productmanufacturer, 'n/a') AS brand,
 Isnull(p.productcondition, 'n/a') AS condition,
 CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), (Getdate() + 29), 120) AS expiration_date,
 p.productdescription AS [stripHTML-description],
 'Config_FullStoreURLConfig_ProductPhotosFolder/' + p.productcode + '-2T.jpg' AS image_link,
 'Config_FullStoreURLProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=' + p.productcode + '&click=2' AS link,
 Isnull(p.google_age_group, pp.google_age_group) AS age_group,
 Isnull(p.google_availability, pp.google_availability) AS availability,
 Isnull(p.google_color, pp.google_color) AS color,
 Isnull(p.google_gender, pp.google_gender) AS gender,
 Isnull(p.google_material, pp.google_material) AS material,
 Isnull(p.google_pattern, pp.google_pattern) AS pattern,
 Isnull(p.google_size, pp.google_size) AS SIZE,
 Isnull(Isnull(Isnull(p.upc_code, pp.upc_code), Isnull(p.book_isbn, pp.book_isbn)), Isnull(p.ean, pp.ean)) AS gtin,
 Isnull(p.vendor_partno, pp.vendor_partno), Isnull(p.mpn, pp.mpn) AS mpn,
 p.ischildofproductcode AS item_group_id
FROM vmerchant.products_joined p
LEFT OUTER JOIN vmerchant.products_joined pp ON p.ischildofproductcode = pp.productcode
WHERE Isnull(p.enablemultichildaddtocart, 'N') = 'N'
 AND Isnull(p.enableoptions_inventorycontrol, 'N') = 'N'
 AND (Isnull(p.hideproduct, 'N') <> 'Y'
 OR Isnull(p.ischildofproductcode, '') <> '')
 AND (Isnull(p.google_product_category, '') <> ''
 OR Isnull(pp.google_product_category, '') <> '')
ORDER BY p.productcode

Child Products 👶

If you have automatically created child products, you will need to ensure that each child product has its own product image uploaded using the child product's image management section! This is because Google will not accept child products without product images. 🙅

To make sure that you are able to upload unique images for each child product, you will need to delete the parent product code from the Use Same Photos As ProductCode field at Advanced Info > Misc in the Admin Area for each child product.

A Quick Note on Google Required Fields

Google requires that specific fields are completed for products to be posted successfully to Google Product Searches. You can get more familiar with the Required and Recommended fields for Google by checking out Google's extensive article on current Products Feed Specifications, and their simplified table on the Summary of Attribute Requirements.

Google-specific fields for Products (available at Products > Advanced Info > 3rd Party Integrations):

  • Google Product Type (merchant's category/taxonomy of the product)

  • Google Product Category* (Google's category/taxonomy or the product. Find acceptable values for this field here.)

  • Google Size

  • Google Size Type

  • Google Size System

  • Google Color

  • Google Material

  • Google Pattern

  • Google Availability *

  • Google Gender *

  • Google Age Group *

Additional fields used for Google (check Summary of Attribute Requirements to see which fields are required for your specific products):

  • Product Code

  • Product Name

  • Product Description (note that HTML formatting will be stripped out of this field during the export)

  • Product Price

  • Product Condition *

  • Manufacturer **

  • Book ISBN **

  • UPC Code **

  • EAN Code **

  • Vendor Part # **

*Must use Google's taxonomy for these fields. Check the Products Feed Specification article for the accepted predefined values.

**These fields are used as "Unique Product Identifier" values for Google and must use the prescribed values assigned by the manufacturer. Inventing or approximating values for these fields will result in the values being flagged as invalid.

Product Expiration

Google Merchant Center automatically sets a 30-day expiration date for any product data exported to the service. This expiration date is 30 days from the date Google received your exported data! You will want to re- generate your export and re-send every 30 days to update your product listings in Google Merchant Center.

Image File Extension

It is recommended that you use one image file type for your store's product images to ensure uniformity across all images.! The above export is for stores which use JPG images exclusively. If your store uses GIF images exclusively, you should change line 14 of the above query to:

  + '-

2T.gif' AS image_link

If your store uses a combination of both image file types, you will need to manually edit your export to reflect these differences before submitting it to Google.

Shipping Weight Error

If you receive a shipping weight error from Google when attempting to import your products into Google, add the following new line of code after the p.ProductName line:

  , IsNull(CAST

(p.ProductWeight AS VARCHAR(20)), 0) + ' lb' AS shipping_weight

For UK merchants:

  , IsNull(CAST(p.ProductWeight AS

VARCHAR(20)), 0) + ' kg' AS shipping_weight

After you add this new line of code, save the export. You should now be able to submit the Weight attribute to Google Merchant Center for your products!

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