UK-based merchants, you have a reason to celebrate. You can integrate your Volusion store with Worldpay, a popular payment gateway provider based in the United Kingdom.

Register With Worldpay

First, you need to register for an account with Worldpay. You can do so by contacting Worldpay directly by phone or visit their website at Note that Volusion integrates with Worldpay's Select Invisible gateway service.

Once you register for a Worldpay Select Invisible account, you will be provided an account number and access credentials that you will need to enter into your store's Payment page.

Note that the account type name that you will register for from Worldpay is subject to change. Please contact a Worldpay customer service representative for questions regarding which Worldpay products are available for use with Volusion.

Connecting Volusion With Worldpay

Now that you have registered for your Worldpay Select Invisible account, you'll need to enter some of your account information into your Volusion store by using these steps:

  1. From your Admin Area, go to Settings > Payment.

  2. On the Payment Gateway tab, select United Kingdom as the Gateway Country.

  3. Select Worldpay Junior Invisible [WORLDPAY] from the Gateway Name dropdown.

  4. Enter the Installation ID (Company ID) you received from Worldpay after registering for your account.

  5. Enter your Authorization Password.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Alternative Settings and make sure your store's Payment Capture Settings are set to Authorize and Capture at Sale. This is required for the Worldpay integration to work.

Contact Worldpay

The final step in the integration process is to contact Worldpay directly once your account information has been entered into your store. Worldpay has specific PCI security guidelines which may require this additional step for you to fully activate your Worldpay account for use with Volusion.

You can contact Worldpay directly by phone or via email. Please visit for the most up-to-date contact information.

PMII.badPayMethodAndAcqAmount Error

If you attempt to process transactions with your Worldpay gateway and get a "PMII.badPayMethodAndAcqAmount" error, then your Payment Capture Settings are not correct. Change your Payment Capture Settings to Authorize and Capture at Sale, as this is required for the Worldpay integration to work.


Volusion makes it easier than ever to do business in the UK with Worldpay.

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