Exporting for Bizrate/Shopzilla is a fairly easy task. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be good to go!

  1. From your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Import/Export.

  2. Click the Saved Exports tab.

  3. Click Add New Query and complete the required fields, as shown below.

Once you've added the export, it will be available in your Saved Exports when you need it - export the desired information out to an export file and use as needed.

qb_customerID: 0
: DB_Export
: Bizrate / ShopZilla
: Select

pe.ShoppingDotCom_Category AS Category
, pe.ProductManufacturer AS Mfr
, p.ProductName AS Title
, pd.ProductDescriptionShort AS [stripHTML-description]
, 'Config_FullStoreURLProductDetails.asp?ProductCode='
 + p.ProductCode + '&click=71' AS URL

, 'Config_FullStoreURLConfig_ProductPhotosFolder/'
 + p.ProductCode + '-2.jpg' AS "Image URL"
, p.ProductCode AS SKU
, p.StockStatus AS "Stock"
, pe.ProductCondition AS "Condition"
, pe.ProductWeight AS "Ship Weight"
, pe.EstShip_Ground AS "Ship Cost"
, '' AS Bid
, '' AS "Promo Text"
, '' AS UPC
, pe.ProductPrice AS price

FROM Products p
INNER JOIN Products_Descriptions pd ON p.ProductID = pd.ProductID
INNER JOIN Products_Extended pe ON pd.ProductID = pe.ProductID

WHERE (p.IsChildOfProductCode is NULL OR p.IsChildOfProductCode = '')
AND (p.HideProduct is NULL OR p.HideProduct <> 'Y')
AND (pe.ProductPrice > 0 AND pe.ProductPrice IS NOT NULL)
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