Please note, this query is only for Winter '09 users.

You can add a new query to your Inventory > Import/Export area - (blue tab) Saved Exports (use the view drop-down to select Saved Exports). Go to that section, select ADD, and then fill in each of the fields for the Saved Export.

Once you've added the desired export, you can at any time go to the Inventory > Import/Export section, select Saved Exports and export the desired information out to an export file and use as needed.

qb_customerID: 0
qb_table: DB_Export
qb_querytype: Select
qb_export_filetype: TAB

 'Config_FullStoreURLProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=' + p.ProductCode + '&click=71' AS url
 , p.ProductName AS product
 , pd.ProductDescription AS [stripHTML-product_description]
 , pe.upc_code AS ProductDescriptionShort
 , pe.ProductManufacturer AS mfr_name
 , 'Config_FullStoreURLConfig_ProductPhotosFolder/' + p.ProductCode + '-2.jpg' AS ImageURL
 , pe.ProductWeight AS "Shipping Weight"
 , pe.ProductPrice AS Price
 , p.ProductCode AS mfr_sku
 , p.stockstatus AS in_stock
 FROM Products p
 INNER JOIN Products_Descriptions pd ON p.ProductID = pd.ProductID
 INNER JOIN Products_Extended pe ON pd.ProductID = pe.ProductID
 WHERE (p.IsChildOfProductCode is NULL OR p.IsChildOfProductCode = '')
 AND (p.HideProduct is NULL OR p.HideProduct <> 'Y')
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