Through its powerful shopping feed software, GoDataFeed helps retailers automate, optimize, and analyze the entire datafeed management process. Just import your Volusion store in minutes and GoDataFeed will set up your first two feeds at no cost (a $198 value!) during your 30-day, risk-free trial.

Getting Started 🏎️

Integration with GoDataFeed requires access to the Volusion API, which is available on Business or Prime monthly hosting plans.

To learn about all the features and benefits of GoDataFeed, or to register for an account, visit Once you've established an account with GoDataFeed, go ahead and follow the instructions below to integrate it with your Volusion store!

Integrating Volusion With GoDataFeed 🖇️

To get started, log in to your Volusion store's Admin Area and follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. Make sure that Enable Public XML for All Products is enabled.

  3. Click Run next to Generic\Products.

  4. Select the ProductCode field and all other fields you would like to use in your feeds (maximum 50); a complete list of recommended fields is included below.

  5. Select the HideProduct field and enter the value "Null" (without the quotes) in the Where Value text box.

  6. Click Run at the top of the page to generate the URL to access the product data.

  7. Then, log on to your GoDataFeed account and click the My Products tab.

  8. Click on Choose a Data Source, select Volusion from the dropdown menu, and follow the steps listed on the right side.

  9. Next, under My Products > Choose a Data Source, select Volusion from the dropdown menu. Enter the Volusion API URL in the API Path field, and enter your store's Base URL (i.e.

  10. Enter your email address to be alerted when imports Succeed and/or Fail.

  11. Click Import (your products will automatically begin importing – this may take a few minutes).

⚠️  Important: Don't forget to set the Where Value condition as mentioned in step #5 above. This step ensures that all of your products will be imported on a regular basis. For example, if your products are importing but showing 0 or only 100 products, it's because Step 5 was not completed!

Recommended default fields for import:

  • Availability

  • FreeShippingItem

  • PhotoURL_Small

  • ProductCode

  • ProductCondition

  • ProductDescription

  • ProductManufacturer

  • ProductName

  • ProductPrice

  • ProductWeight

  • SalePrice

  • StockStatus

  • UPC_code

  • Vendor_PartNo

  • Yahoo_Category or Google_Product_Type (whichever one contains the most relevant category data) 

Note: Since Volusion does not export product page URLs through this API, GoDataFeed will automatically generate your URL data at time of import!

For additional fields that can be imported, please see this resource for developers: "Exports: All Products Export".

Adding a Custom Field to Product Import ✏️

To add a custom field to your product import, go to your Volusion Admin Area and add CustomField1 through CustomField5 to the Generic Product API (import section above).

Adding Size/Color Variations 🎨

To add a size/color variations, simply add these 2 fields and make sure to include them within the Import API Path:

  • Google_Size

  • Google_Color

GoDataFeed will automatically import variations in the required format.

Analytics Configuration on Volusion 📊

GoDataFeed will track your clicks, conversions, and revenue from conversions for each of your feeds. See GoDataFeed's Analytics/Performance Tracking Setup Instructions for details on configuring Analytics Setup in your Volusion store.

Note that to track conversion totals, you must place GoDataFeed’s tracking script on your orderfinished.asp page. In the Conversion code provided by GoDataFeed, simply replace gdf_orderTotal = '0.00'; with gdf_orderTotal = Order[2]; to make the script applicable to your Volusion store's orderfinished.asp page.


Keep in mind that your Volusion password must be reset every 90 days. Since the Volusion Generic Products API URL is generated using your username/password, you must re-run the API export in Volusion and re-enter the new API URL in GoDataFeed each time you change your password!

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