With simple integration, easy setup, and without any upfront fees, GSX provides your international customers a seamless checkout experience.

GlobalShopex alleviates the barriers associated with going global, allowing you to process international orders the same way you process USA transactions.

Getting Started

Integration with GSX requires access to the Volusion API, which is available on Business or Prime monthly hosting plans.

To learn about all the features and benefits of GSX, or to register for an account, visit www.globalshopex.com. Once you've established an account with GSX, you can follow the instructions below to integrate it with your Volusion store.

Enable the Volusion API

1. Go to Inventory > Volusion API.

2. Click Run next to Generic\Products.

3. Select the Column named with an asterisk ( * ).

4. Click Run, then copy the entire url that is generated.

5. Replace "Generic\Products" with "Generic\\Products" in the URL. For example: 

http://aohkf.wufhr.servertrust.com/net/WebService.aspx?Login=volusionapi @cazoomi.com&EncryptedPassword=C343C0E63E55B3D6EDFFDB883E26BD 28CD5AD3A2F6E582FCF2DCDFFDEBE1BE7B&EDI_Name=Generic\\Products& SELECT_Columns=*

6. Paste and replace the volusionAPIUrl string in the sample code provided by GlobalShopex.

Note that you must repeat the above steps to update the volusionAPIUrl string each time you change your Administrator password (required every 90 days due to PCI DSS security standards).

Integrating Volusion With GSX

Log in to your Volusion store's Admin Area and follow these steps:

  1. Download the image blow (filename "btn_international_shipping.jpg") and upload it to your store via FTP to the vspfiles/photos folder. Note that the image must be named "btn_international_shipping.jpg" to work with the GlobalShopex integration.

  2. The sample code you'll need to complete the integration should be provided to you by GlobalShopex. Visit GlobalShopex's Volusion partner page and click Download the Cart to Cart Integration steps here to download the integration steps, including the sample code.

  3. Go to Design > Site Content, the click View List in the top-right of the page.

  4. Click Search and enter "101" into the ID field.

  5. Open Article 101 and enter the sample code into the Article Body field, changing "MerchantID" to your GSX Merchant ID. After you've inserted the code, click Save.

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