Your Volusion site already has a built-in product reviews feature that allows customers to leave product ratings and comments for future visitors to read. But did you know that you can also set up a handy site-wide review page to let customers leave comments about their overall experience on your store? 

Note: To use this feature, you'll need to make sure the Enable Customer Reviews Config Variable is enabled. To do so, head on over to Inventory > Products, click the three-dot actions menu icon, and select All Products Settings. Make sure the Enable Customer Reviews check box is selected and click Save.

Creating the Review Page 🔨

To add the site review feature to a specific page in your store, that page must technically be a product. Products usually have a price and an Add to Cart button, but you can remove the entire pricing box from a product page. Use the instructions below to create a product page for your site that allows reviews, but does not allow purchases!

  1. Go to Inventory > Products.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the Name field, enter "[Company Name] Reviews" or something similar that describes the page's function.

  4. In the Product Code field, enter a code that will help you distinguish this product as a review page, such as "SITEREVIEW".

  5. Give the product a Price and Weight of "0".

  6. Fill in the Description field with instructions or promotional text. (For example, you can put "Read reviews of our site and leave one of your own!" or "Check out what customers like you are saying about our site!") You can use the HTML Editor to format the description.

  7. Expand the Advanced Info section and click Product Display.

  8. Select Enable Multi Child Add to Cart.

  9. Click Save to create your product.

  10. Upload a suitable image for the site review page by clicking Add under Image Management.

  11. Scroll to the top of the page and click the View Live Page button to see your new "product" page. Copy the URL of this product page to your clipboard, as you will need it for the next step.

Your site review page displays the five most recent reviews for your site, along with a link to View All Customer Reviews (any additional reviews your shoppers submitted through the site review page). Customers can also vote on whether they find specific reviews helpful, and the Volusion system will calculate an Average Rating for the product that displays above the list of reviews.

We don't recommend adding your new site review "product" into any categories containing actual products for sale, as that might confuse customers! Instead, you should link to the review page from a navigation menu, using one of the two methods described below.

Linking to your site review page from a category is usually the simplest way to add the link to your storefront. Remember that you will need the URL to your site review page, so be sure to highlight and copy the URL for that "product" page to your clipboard. Follow the instructions below to make the link look like one of your categories.

  1. Go to Inventory > Categories and click Add.

  2. Enter a Category Name that describes your product review page. (For example: "[Company Name] Reviews" or "Review Us.") This text will be formatted and displayed like other categories in your navigation menus, so avoid long titles to be as clear and concise as possible.

  3. Use the Show in Menu drop-down menu to choose which navigation menu you want the category link to appear in.

  4. Expand the Advanced Info section and click the Misc tab.

  5. Paste the URL for the review product you created into the Alternate URL field.*

  6. Click Save.

* Note that when pasting the URL for your site review product into the Alternate URL field, it is best practice to only paste the part of the URL after the ".com" portion of your URL.

For example, say the following is your site review page's full URL: 

You'd only need to paste "/product_p/sitereview.htm" into the Alternate URL field. 

If you have SEO Friendly URIs enabled and have a Product Name Short configured for your site review product, your URL may look more like this: 

In this case, you only need to paste "/Review_Us_p/sitereview.htm" into the Alternate URL field.

When you go to your storefront and click the category link you just created, it will redirect to your site review page.

Nav Menu Promotions typically display below the categories in a vertical navigation menu. They can be customized and formatted as appropriate, provided the promotion area stays the same basic width as the navigation menu. Using a Nav Menu Promotion can also help attract attention to your review link, particularly when using an image or formatted text.

If you use the Alternate URL field to link other navigation categories to partner pages, blogs, and other associated sites, it may be more uniform to link to your site review product page from a category as described above.

To link to your site review page from a Nav Menu Promotion:

  1. Go to Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Use the Easy Editor to format the Body of your custom promotion.* You can add text, upload a photo or button, and create a hyperlink to your site review page. Note that you can make the link text-based, or link from a custom image/button you uploaded. See our Easy Editor article for further help on using these tools.

  4. From the Group menu, select Misc.

  5. Enter a Display Order number to determine where your new Nav Menu Promotion will display in relation to any other promotions. Entering "1" here will cause the promotion to display directly below your list of categories and above any other promotions.

  6. Click Save.

*Note that depending on the theme your store is using, your vertical navigation menu will usually be between 100px and 200px wide. Keep all of your custom navigation menu promotions under or around that default width, or the formatting of your storefront may be affected.

When you go to your storefront now, you should see your custom Nav Menu Promotion below the categories in your vertical navigation menu. The hyperlink you configured in the Easy Editor will link to your site review product page.

If you'd rather not link to your site review page from any of your navigation menus, you may also want to consider adding a site review link to the footer area of your theme. For more information, see How to Add, Edit, or Remove Footer Links from Your Theme.

Notes ☝️

Since your site review page has the same capabilities as other product pages, you can choose to enable or disable certain marketing features, including social media icons and the Facebook Like button. This can help generate traffic from outside of your site and lead newcomers directly to the positive feedback page. Comments from previous customers can help to generate trust in the quality of your store for visitors who haven't yet shopped with you.

If you want to give your site review page a more memorable and relevant URL, go to your Admin Area to edit the site review product, then look for the Advanced Settings > Search Engine Optimization section. In the Product URL Text field, enter the text you want to appear as part of the page's URL. Be sure to Save your changes. You must have SEO Friendly URIs enabled in Marketing > SEO for this feature to function. Learn more about the connection between URL formatting and the Product URL Text field in our SEO article.

You can also offer incentives for your customers to leave comments, since all product reviews are connected to a customer ID number. For example, you could offer $5.00 off a customer's next purchase if they leave site feedback, and apply the discount as store credit on their order. Consider promoting your site review page in a Newsletter to customers, or on your business's Facebook page (be sure to include a link)!

If you'd like to view and address any negative reviews before they're visible to all customers, you can create filters for incoming reviews. See Product Reviews to learn more.

Summary ✌️

Now that you have a site review page, you can start racking up positive feedback that will encourage more customers to shop with you. The "product" configuration lets you gather and display customer reviews on one dedicated page, rather than being limited to product-specific reviews!

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