People LOVE free stuff — no matter what it is. Freebies make people feel like they’re getting more for their money (well, because they are). 👛  And the promise of a free gift 🎁  with purchase may be just the carrot 🥕 they need to buy something.

This strategy can especially come in handy around the holidays,🎄 when competition for shoppers is fierce. Free gifts make great stocking stuffers. 🎅

A free gift can be anything you choose, including something that complements products you sell (i.e. a makeup bag 👝  for beauty products, or a scarf for a dress 👗 ). It could also be a marketing item featuring your logo, to help you stay top of mind with shoppers. 

If you want to delight customers even more, you can let them choose their gift from a variety of options. We’ll break down how to do it below.

Get Gifting

  1. From your Admin Area, go to Settings > Config Variables
  2. Select the Enable Allow Free Accessory On IsProductCode Option variable
  3. Add all of your free gifts to your Products table (Inventory >Products) You can make duplicates of products that are already for sale on your storefront (a product cannot simultaneously be offered as a free gift and have a product price), or you can set up new Hidden Products that are only available as free gifts with the purchase of other products.To create a hidden product, enable the Hide Product option under the product's Advanced Info > Product Display tab and make sure the Price for the free gift is set to "0."

Create A Free Gift Option Category

  1. Go to Inventory > Options and select Option Categories from the Filter menu
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter “Choose Your Free Gift!” in the Option Category Description field
  4. Enter “50” or greater as the Display Order. This option category must appear below any required options on the main product page, so the number should be higher than the Display Order number of all other relevant option categories.
  5. Select Radio or Dropdown from the Display Type menu, depending on how you want your free gift choices to be presented
  6. Click Save

Create The Options

  1. Go to Inventory > Options and click Add
  2. Enter “0” in the Price Diff field
  3. Select the Option Category you created above (Choose Your Free Gift) from the Option Category menu
  4. Enter the Name of the free gift product as the Option Description
  5. Under Advanced Info, enter the Product Code of the free gift product in the IsProductCode field
  6. Click Save

Repeat these steps for any other free gift options that you’d like to offer.

Offer An Opt-Out

We would never turn down a free gift, but some shoppers might. In this case, you may want to add a “No Thanks” option as the default selection if you’re using the Dropdown Display Type. This way, you won’t be giving away unwanted gifts.

  1. Go to Inventory > Options and click Add
  2. Enter “0” in the Price Diff field
  3. Select the Choose Your Free Gift option category
  4. Enter “No Thanks” into the Option Description field
  5. Enter “1” in the Display Order field under Advanced Info
  6. Select the No Value check box
  7. Under Legacy Volusion Settings, select the Default Selected option
  8. Click Save

Apply The Options To A Product

  1. Go to Inventory > Products
  2. Click on the Product Code of the main product for which you’d like to offer free gifts
  3. Click Add Options (or Edit Options)
  4. Click the Choose Your Free Gift option category and select your free gift options
  5. Click Save
  6. Make sure the Enable Options Inventory Control check box is NOT selected
  7. Click Save

Customers will now see a Choose Your Free Gift option on selected products in your store. When a customer selects a free gift and clicks Add to Cart, both the main product and the free item will be added to the order. 

You’ll be able to see these when you process the order (Orders > Process Orders.) And you’ll want to keep an eye on your free gift inventory. The Hide When Out Of Stock feature does NOT work with free gifts. So if and when you run out of your promotional products, you’ll need to remove them from your free gift options.


Some people say it’s better to give than to receive. The good thing about free gifts with purchase, is that, as a merchant, you get to both give AND receive.

By configuring a few settings in your Admin Area, you’ll be moving inventory and earning repeat customers in no time. ⏲️

Don't forget to promote your free-gift-with-purchase items on your store's homepage, blog and Facebook page to let shoppers who’ve been considering a purchase know that now’s a great time to buy.

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