We created the Volusion Product Image Generator, a handy tool that enables you to bulk upload product images so that you can give shoppers a glimpse at your goods without them having to leave the page. Currently, our Image Generator is exclusively for Windows users.

To get started...

  1. Download the Volusion Product Image Generator

  2. Save the "VolusionProductImageGeneratorSetup.zip" file to your computer, then unzip it.

  3. Double-click the Setup file ("setup.exe") and follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

  4. When the installation is complete, the Product Image Generator program icon will appear in the location you specified (for example, your Desktop). Hint: the program icon is Volusion's logo!

What You Need To Succeed

To use the Volusion Product Image Generator, you need three things:

  1. A folder of your product photos (.jpg / .jpeg files are recommended, but you can use .png or .gif files for other kinds of graphics.)

  2. A blank folder to hold the images generated by the Volusion Product Image Generator

  3. A CSV file (i.e. an Excel spreadsheet) with information that matches the image names of the photos in the first folder with the Product Codes from your product database. The CSV file should have the same number of rows as you have photos in the first folder, and three columns configured as follows:

    Column A   —  a list of all your product codes. This column should include a Header in the top line labeled: ProductCode
    Column B  —  a list of corresponding image file names associated with each product code, including the .jpg / /.png / .gif file extension. This Column should include the following header: ImageName
    Column C  — the order in which you'd like the images to appear on the product page. If you're uploading multiple images for a single product (even if only one image is being uploaded per product, the column is still required, and a "1" should be listed as the value in that cell if it is the only image for the product). This column should include the Header: ImageOrder

When converted to a CSV, the file will look like this:

If you have the three required items listed above, the generator will read the CSV file to find product codes and match them up with the images in the first folder! 

Configuring The Product Image Generator

Before you get started, be sure to close the CSV file you created to use with the Product Image Generator, otherwise, you'll get an error when you try to create the thumbnails.

To begin, click on the desktop icon labeled Product Image Generator to open the program (the icon is the Volusion logo). 

Step 1: Image Directory Locations

Browse to select the current locations of the source image folder and (blank) generated image folder.

Step 2: CSV File Location

Browse to select the CSV file you created. 

At this point, you can click Validate to check if there are any errors that may prevent your images from being generated. If you skip this step, we'll still let you know if there are problems later.

Step 3: Generate Images

Under Review your selections, verify that your source folder and CSV file locations are correct. 

Under Choose an aspect ratio mode, select an option to determine whether your generated images will all have the same width or the same height, or if you want the Product Image Generator to scale to the largest dimension for each image. 

Under Choose advanced settings, you can optionally define the maximum height or width for each image size in your store (large, medium, small, tiny, thumbnail). To learn more about different product image sizes and where they display on your website, see Product Image File Names. In most cases, the Use Recommended Settings option will meet your image needs. 

Once you've completed all of the above steps, simply click Process Images to generate your new product photos.

Need More Info?

You can download a handy PDF of this entire process — plus error explanations and several more tips and tricks — right from the Product Image Generator. Just click on the "?" help bubble in the lower left corner of the program window:

Uploading Images to Your Store

When your new image files have been generated, they'll automatically appear in the folder you designated as the "Generated Images" directory. 

To upload them to your store, connect to your store's FTP client, and transfer all images into the /vspfiles/photos directory.


The Volusion Product Image Generator makes product image uploads faster and more efficient, which gives you more time to run your business.

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