At Volusion, we like giving you options, especially when it comes to your products. If a product comes in multiple variations (i.e. size, color, etc.), you can apply options to make it easier for your customers to see all the choices available to them.

Here’s how:

  1. From a product's editing page, next to Options, click Select Options
  2. In the dialog box that opens, click the arrow (>) beside an option category to expand the list of available options, then select the checkbox next to each desired option.
  3. Repeat the process for any other option categories you want to assign options from. 
  4. When you're done choosing options for the product, click Apply to assign them to the product and close the dialog box.

Once your product has a few options applied, you'll be able click Edit Options to remove or add to them!

Want even more options? 

Below each option category in the dialog box, you can click Add New Option to add even more choices to the available list. If you want to add an whole new option category to the list, you can also scroll to the bottom of the list and click Add New Option Category

To learn more about advanced option and option category settings, check out our article dedicated to product Option Categories and Options.


Adding options to items that come in different sizes, colors and other variations, makes it easy for your customers to view all of the possible product choices. That can add up to more orders, larger orders, more money in your pocket and more satisfied shoppers.


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