Keeping track of the stock you have in inventory is one of the most important parts of running a business. You need to know how much you have, when it’s running low and when it might be going out of stock. After all, you’d hate to disappoint a customer.

Stock Status

Before you add any stock to a product's Stock Status value, it will be null, with a +[blank] indicator beside the field.

Once you add stock to this product, the current stock quantity will display directly to the right of the Stock Status field, after the +.

The Hist link will take you to this product's Stock History table, where you can see the full history of changes to this product's stock status.

The On Hold quantity shows how many of this product have been ordered but not processed.

Stock History Table

Event: ORDER
Event ID: OrderDetailID
Event Trigger: order submission

Event: PO
Event ID: POI_ID
Event Trigger: purchase order creation

Event: RMA
Event Trigger: RMA creation

Event: EDIT
Event ID: N/A
Event Trigger: stock value manual edit

Event: IMP
Event ID: N/A
Event Trigger: Products table import


By tracking your inventory using stock numbers, history and holds, you’ll know exactly what you have available

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