Product ID Numbers are unique reference values assigned to each of your products, primarily for use with API functions. But in order for these guys to be helpful, you’ve gotta know where to find ’em first.

You can locate Product IDs in the Admin Area, or through specific export methods, which we’ll detail below.

Admin Area

To locate the Product ID for a specific product in your Admin Area:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products and click into the desired product.

  2. Scroll down and expand Advanced Info.

  3. Click Vendors.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of this section to view the Product ID.

Saved Export

To locate a Product ID using a saved export:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Import/Export.

  2. Click Saved Exports, then click Add New Query.

  3. Enter or select the following values for the corresponding fields:
    QB Customer ID: 0
    QB Table:
    QB Title:
    Product IDs
    QB Query Type:
    QB Query:

    SELECT ProductID, ProductCode
    FROM Products_Joined
    ORDER BY ProductCode ASC
    QB Export File Type:

  4. Click Save.

  5. Go back to Inventory > Import/Export and click Saved Exports.

  6. From the Saved Queries menu, select Product IDs; be sure the File Format menu populates with CSV: Comma Delimited Text File.

  7. Click Export.

When the export is complete, click Download. You can either save the CSV file, or open it in a data spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel. Once you open the file, you'll see two columns of data representing the Product ID and corresponding Product Code for every product in your store.

Volusion API

If your store is on the Gold plan or higher, you can use the Volusion API to export an XML file with Product IDs.

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Volusion API.

  2. If you haven't already done so, enable generic exports by clicking Enable under Generic.

  3. Be sure that Enable public XML for All Products is selected at the top of the page. If not, select this option and click Save.

  4. Under Generic, click Run next to Generic\Products.

  5. Check the box for p.ProductID, then click Run at the top of the page.

  6. When the page refreshes, click Download to view your file.

The XML file lists both the Product Code and Product ID in a separate entry for each product.

Note that the Generic Products export displays 100 products at a time; if you have more than 100 products, you can run the export again to view the next set of 100.

For more information about generic exports, see our guide to the Volusion API.


To track down Product ID Numbers, you gotta know where to look. Follow the steps above for whichever method works best for you, and you’ll have the info you need to easily identify each product in your store. 

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