As a business owner, you want to promote your website as many places as possible. 📣 But you’ll really get a boost when others promote it for you. Buzz on media sites, 📰  recommendations from YouTube vloggers 📹  and blogger reviews 🖊️ can all lead to big business. 

When those third-party sites mention your products, you want them to link directly to your store’s shopping cart, where shoppers can quickly and easily check out. 🛒  

You can also use this special link in ads that you place on third-party sites, so that shoppers land right at checkout. Ka-ching! 💰

The Magic Link 🎩 🔗

To allow an item to be added to the shopping cart from an off-site web page, you can use this HTML link:

This link can even be used on your HTML pages within your own online store. Simply substitute “” with your store's complete domain name. Then add some additional HTML formatting around the URL to ensure that the link won't be accessed or indexed by search engines and bots:

<a href="" rel="noindex nofollow noarchive">Your Link Text</a>

By default, the link above would add one unit of product code "ABC" to the shopping cart. To add more than one unit, modify the above link using the following example:

Visiting this link would add five units of product code "ABC" to the shopping cart.

If you would like to give shoppers the chance to add multiple items to the cart at once, the link to the store shopping cart can be modified using the following example:

Clicking this link would add "Item1", "Item2” and "Item3" to the cart all at once. Talk about an efficient checkout experience. 


Your whole goal as a store owner is to get customers deep into the conversion funnel. By adding HTML links directly to the checkout area from third-party sites, you increase the chances of a customer purchasing one or more products … and that’s money in the bank! 🏦

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