You can create a URL for any product in your store that adds the product to the shopping cart. When your customer clicks the link, they will be taken to your store shopping cart with the product added to the cart.

Creating an Add-to-Cart URL

An add-to-cart URL will look like this:

Replace with your store's domain name, and replace ABC with your product code.

Find your Product Code

To find your product code, navigate to Inventory > Products within your Admin Area, then find and click on the product. The Product Code will be visible in the Basic Info section.

Additional Query Strings

Multiple products can be added to the cart with a single Add-to-Cart URL. Add additional product codes to the end of the URL, separated by the character &. Refer to the following example:

When a customer clicks this URL, they will be taken to the shopping cart with three different products added to the shopping cart.

Products can be added in multiple quantities. To add more than one unit, modify the above link using the following example:

In this case, clicking the link will add 5 of product ABC to the shopping cart.

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