Great images make lookers into buyers on an ecommerce website. Volusion makes it smooth and easy. A product's alternate images appear as thumbnails below the main product image.

This is a great feature when you need to show your products from different angles and perspectives. To get started, go to Inventory > Products and click on the product you want to edit.

  1. Under Image Management, click Add.

  2. Click Browse, find the image file on your computer, then click Open.

  3. Click Advanced Settings and define the size of the Alternate Thumbnail Images, or use the default size - 50x50 pixels.

  4. Make sure the Enable Alternate View Photo box is checked.

  5. If you want to use these settings for future images, select Remember These Advanced Settings.

  6. Click Upload.

  7. Repeat the process to create additional alternate views.

You can rearrange the order of the images in the Image Management section by dragging and dropping them into place.

Alternate images on your storefront are expanded with the Lightbox tool when customers click on the thumbnail images.

Important Note

For best results, you should always Save a product's basic information (for example, Name, Price, Weight, etc.) before adding images or videos. This will help ensure quicker load times and fewer upload errors.

For more information on alternate and main product images, see Product Image File Names.

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