Customers can't touch or feel your merchandise, so you should provide detailed photos whenever possible.

When you upload a product photo, your store will automatically format it to a specific size, but you can also upload custom-sized images by following the steps below.

Important Note

For best results, you should always save a product's basic information (Code, Name, Price, Weight) before adding images or videos. This will help ensure quicker load times and fewer upload errors.

Deleting Existing Product Photos

Before you upload custom-sized product photos, you need to delete any existing images associated with the product:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products in your Admin Area.

  2. Click on the product you want to edit.

  3. In the Image Management section, click Delete under the image(s) you want to remove.

Uploading Custom-Sized Product Photos

Each photo size has a specific use on your storefront, as well as a default Maximum Pixel Size value. The Product Image column in the Advanced Settings dialog box describes each image's use on your storefront. For more information see Product Image File Names.

Once you've removed any existing product images, you can upload your new custom-sized photos:

  1. In the Image Management section, click Add under the blank image space.

  2. Browse to the new image on your PC.

  3. Click Advanced Settings and enter the maximum height or width for each version of the product image.

  4. If you plan to use alternate images, select Enable Alternate View Photo.

  5. If you want to save these settings for future product images, select Remember These Advanced Settings.

  6. When finished, click Upload.

Now the images for this product will be automatically sized to your custom specifications. If you selected Remember These Advanced Settings, all future images you upload will also be sized accordingly.

Custom Image Sizes and the Image Zoom Feature

The image zoom feature allows customers to view a high resolution version of the product image when they move their cursor over the image.

When creating custom image sizes, be aware that these settings may affect your product's zoom image magnification effect. For the zoom effect to remain active for a product's images, the High Resolution Zoom Image (large) product image must be at least 20% larger than the image size for the product's Displayed On Product Page (medium) image.

For more information, see "Product Image Zoom Feature".

If you want to change the dimensional settings for the Displayed on Category Results (small) or Displayed on View Cart Page (tiny) image variants, you will not have access to those dimensions unless you delete all the images from a product record, and then follow the instructions above. If there are any existing images within a product record, the only available dimension settings will be Displayed On Product Page (medium), High Resolution Zoom Image (large), and Alternate View Thumbnails.

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