Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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To track the stock of a product, click the Stock tab under the product details Advanced Info section. Enter the current stock quantity in the Stock Status field and click Save. The Stock Status field is cumulative, so when you need to add stock, enter the number of new units in the box and click Save. The new number will be added to the previous stock count. To decrease the stock count, enter a dash, or minus symbol, before the number you’d like to deduct. Then click Save.

If you would like to display the stock status of your products on your storefront, go to Inventory > Products and select All Products Settings from the Settings dropdown. Make sure Display Stock Status is enabled. The stock quantity of a product will be displayed on your storefront as long the count is greater than zero. If the stock count is zero or less, customers will see an Out of Stock message.

To show the full amount of a product’s stock, select Display Current Stock Quantity in addition to Display Stock Status. When the count is zero or less, it still shows the product as Out of Stock.

Now keep in mind that customers will still be able to order products that are out of stock unless you configure a few additional settings. You can hide the product manually under Advanced Settings in the Product Display tab, by selecting Hide Product.

You can also set the product to hide automatically when its stock count reaches zero by clicking Hide When Out of Stock. Note that this option only hides the product when the stock count is reduced to zero through storefront orders – not when you reduce the stock manually.

Also keep in mind that even if a product is hidden, customers can still order it if they have a direct link or URL to the product. In this case, make sure Do Not Allow Backorders is enabled under the Stock tab. This way, customers will receive an error message when they try to add the product to their cart, whether it’s hidden or not.

You can replace it with text by filling in the AddtoCartBtn Replacement Text field under the Product Display tab. Note that this field also accepts HTML.

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