Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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To upload a product image, click Add under the Image Management section, then click the Browse or Choose File button and find the file your computer. Select the file, click Open, then click Upload. Follow the same procedure to add more images.

The first image in the row is the main product image. To change the order of your pictures, simply drag and drop them into place. The rest of the images will be shown as Alternative Views on the product details page. Clicking any one of these thumbnail photos populates it to the main image area.

You can re-size images before you upload by clicking Advanced Settings. You can also hide an image from the Alternative Views section by deselecting the Enable Alternate View Photo option.

To enable the image zoom feature, go to Inventory > Products > Settings > All Products Settings and make sure Enable Image Zoom is selected. Customers can click the image to view it at full size. Thumbnails of every alternative image display here as well. A thumbnail of the main image also appears on the category details pages, the search results page, in the soft cart window, and on the checkout page.

You can also share photos among products. Under the Advanced Info section, click the Misc tab, and enter a product code in the Use Same Photos As ProductCode field. You can also use images hosted off-site by entering their URLs in the Photo URL Small and Photo URL Large fields. The small photo is the primary one used throughout the store. It displays in the search results, in the category and product details pages. The large photo appears in a new window when you click the main photo from the product details page.

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