Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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When creating a product, one of the required fields is Price. This is the standard cost for the store’s visitors, and is the only required price setting for a product. Note that it’s unnecessary to insert a currency symbol in this field because the software displays it for you on the storefront.

Additional pricing settings are possible, when you expand the Advanced Info section and click the Pricing tab. List Price is intended as a retail price used only for reference and marketing purposes. It appears directly above the normal product price on the storefront. You shouldn’t use it unless the amount you enter is higher than your own price.

Sale Price is intended for a lower value than the product price. When filled out, it overrides the normal price at which the software charges during checkout. Unless you decide to change the value in the Require Action for Sale Price dropdown, the sale price displays just below the normal price on the storefront.

By default, the software displays a You Save field as long as you show more than just the main product price. If you show a sale price but not a list price, it calculates the difference between the main price and the sale price. If you display a list price but not a sale price, it calculates the difference between the list price and the normal price.

If you display both a list price and a sale price, it calculates the difference between the two. You can rename this field by clicking Edit this text in your Admin Area, making your desired changes to page text article 489, and clicking Save. You can also hide it by navigating to the Product Display tab and clicking Hide You Save Feature.

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