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Product descriptions are essential in helping customers evaluate your merchandise. The primary Description field is located in the Basic Info section of each product record. Text entered here displays in several places on your storefront: on the category details page, the product details page, and the search results page.

You can add even more descriptive information under Advanced Info in the Product Descriptions tab. If a product has a very detailed description, you might want to create a shortened version for the category details page and the search results page. The Product Description Short field overrides the primary Description text on these pages, but not on the product details page.

All of the other Product Descriptions will be shown on the product details page. To demonstrate, we’ll remove the primary Description field and the Product Description Short.

On the storefront, we can see the Product Description Above Pricing and Photo Caption Text. The other three fields are shown in tabs below, with Features selected by default. If you don’t enter any advanced product descriptions for a product, these tabs will not appear on the storefront .

The default tab remains visible regardless of your settings. For example, if we replace the Description and Product Description Short, a Description tab replaces the Features tab, with the main product description populated beneath. Note that the Features field is now beneath the Description. If we remove only the main Description but leave the Product Description Short, it displays in place of the main Description. If both main description fields are left blank, the Features tab displays whether we’ve entered text or not.

If you know HTML, you can type it directly in the text field to modify your text. If you don’t know HTML, you can use the HTML Editor.

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