The credit cards you're able to accept on your storefront depend entirely on your merchant provider. While you can select various credit card types in your Admin Area under Settings > Payment, selecting those options will not guarantee that your store is able to accept all credit card types.

Every merchant provider or processor has a default set of credit card types which they are able to process. Most merchant providers will be able to process Visa and MasterCard transactions, and many providers can process Discover transactions by default.

You should always check with your merchant provider directly for their capabilities and policies.

Volusion Payments and American Express

Volusion Payments is able to process transactions from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit card types by default. American Express, however, is not configured by default.

In order to accept American Express as payment, you will need to contact American Express directly to obtain a merchant account number with them. You can obtain an American Express merchant account number by visiting their application page or by calling the American Express merchant account department at 800.528.5200.

Once you have a merchant account number from American Express, send your American Express merchant account number in an email to The email must be sent from the address on file with your Volusion Payments account.

Once you receive confirmation that your American Express account information has been added to your Volusion Payments account, log in to your Admin Area, go to Settings > Payment, and make sure American Express is enabled as a payment option.

See our Payment Settings article for more information.

Other Merchant Providers and Payment Processors

If your merchant provider does not have certain credit cards enabled by default, they should be able to give you instructions for enabling additional card types. Most often, American Express and Discover require additional application processes for activation.

In some cases, merchant service providers have agreements with card companies which allow them to apply for card-specific merchant accounts on a merchant's behalf. Again, you should always check with your provider directly for additional information about their specific application process.


In order to accept credit cards on your store, you will need to have a payment gateway configured in your Admin Area on the Settings > Payment page. See our Payment Gateway Integrations article for further details on configuring your gateway.

If you continue to receive errors when attempting to process certain card types on your store, then you should contact your merchant services provider or payment processor to see if you need to apply for any card-specific merchant accounts in order to accept those payment forms.

Some shoppers are really attached to certain types of credit cards, even if they aren’t the most popular. You wouldn’t want to lose a sale because you don’t accept a shopper’s preferred method of payment and with a few adjustments, your store will be able to accept more credit card types.

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