Images are stored in the following directory on the web server:


The FTP directory is just this:


Images can be connected to a product in two ways:

  1. By file name: Image files, named and sized appropriately, will be automatically displayed on the product page.
  2. Cloned from another product: Filling in the Products::Photos_Cloned_From field in with another product's code will display images from that product. The current product's images, if any, will not be displayed.

Uploading Photos

There are multiple photo uploading options from automatic thumbnail creation to pre-thumbnailed batch uploading.

Upload Method

Easy-Auto (Recommended!)

Pros: Upload one large photo, and it will automatically create the four required thumbnails.
Cons: You can only upload one photo at a time. Also, ".gif" is not supported through this upload method.

Drag & Drop

Pros: Drag your files right from your desktop, and drop them into the product window. Upload multiple files at once.
Cons: You must resize and correctly name each of your photos before you upload them.


Pros: Will work on any computer or browser.
: You must resize and correctly name each of your photos before you upload them. There may be a limit on the number of photos you can upload.
When creating photos for your products, follow these standard guidelines:

  1. Each of your main product photos must be resized to three smaller sizes (called thumbnails).
  2. Each photo must be named according to the naming syntax described on this page.

Most people use the "Easy-Auto" method described above, which can be accessed by going to "EDIT" an existing product and clicking on "Upload Photo". This is by far the easiest way to upload photos. If you use this "Easy-Auto", method you can disregard all further notes below about photos because the Easy-Auto method takes care of everything automatically.
If you have thousands of existing photos, we have a program that will automatically resize (create thumbnails) and rename all of your photos with a single click. You can download this program here.

Naming Syntax: (product code)-(photosize).(filetype)

Note: The following photo types are supported: ".jpg", ".gif" and ".png".
 PhotoSize Recommended Dimension:
 0 50x50 REQUIRED
 1 100x100 REQUIRED
 2 500x500 REQUIRED
 2T 150x150 REQUIRED
 3 500x500 OPTIONAL
 3T 150x150 OPTIONAL
 4 500x500 OPTIONAL
 4T 150x150 OPTIONAL
 etc. (unlimited photos supported)


This is how you would name the photos for a product with product code CD445:

Manufacturer's Logos are also supported! Simply upload the manufacturer's logo as a ".gif" file into the "photos/manufacturers/" directory and name the files the same as the manufacturer's name. For example, if a manufacturer's name is "Sony", then name the file "sony.gif". Recommended maximum image dimensions are 100 x 40 (width x height).

Upload Instructions

To upload a product's photos, start by clicking on a product's "Product code" then click on "Upload New Photos" on the upper left-hand corner of the "Edit" products page. Then click on the "Browse" button and locate the file on your computer (note: The Easy-Auto Upload does not support .GIF image files), click on the file, then click "OK". Then click on the "Upload my Images" button. The photo will be renamed and resized in the proper way automatically. After the file has been successfully uploaded you, will see a preview of the resized photos.

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