Google announced that they will be phasing out the free Google Shopping service and replacing it with a Pay Per Click advertising model. We have been gathering information about this and have compiled the following helpful tips to prepare.

Google AdWords

Google's transition to the Pay Per Click model requires merchants to sign up for a Google Adwords account and link up with Google Merchant Center. If you do not have a Google Adwords account, we advise that you sign up at There's also a video tutorial explaining how to get started linking your Google Merchant Center and Adwords accounts.

Shopping Feed Services

Please note that if you've already set up an AdWords account and a Merchant Center account, Volusion’s shopping feed services can help maximize your advertising effectiveness. Google’s new model enables more in-depth advertising opportunities called product listing ads which can help advertise your entire store vs. just a single product.

Due to Google's changes, you may have seen a decrease in conversions, so we encourage you to get started with Adwords as soon as possible. Our services team is eager to help, so please give us a ring us to speak about available options: 800 646 3517 x105!

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