Sometimes, in order to use a third-party service (for example: Google Merchant Center, Norton Safe Web) with your website, you will be required to verify that you are the owner of the website. The following are the most common methods of website verification. Note that not all companies offer all of these methods but will likely offer at least one!

Adding a meta tag to your store is often the easiest solution for verifying ownership of your store. If you are provided a meta tag solution, perform the following simple steps:

  1. Copy the meta tag provided by the third-party service (highlight and press CTRL + C).

  2. Login to your store’s admin panel.

  3. Go to Marketing > SEO.

  4. Paste the meta tag (CTRL + V) into the Globally Appended Meta Tags field.

  5. Save changes.

After adding the meta tag to your store, go back to the third-party’s website and proceed with verifying your store. Once your store has been verified, you may go back to the Marketing > SEO page on your Volusion store and remove the meta tag from the Globally Appended Meta Tags field.

File Upload

Some companies will give you an option to upload a file to the root directory of your store in order to verify that you are the store’s owner. For example, the file must reside at:

Although there is no access to the root directory of your store, you can still use this method to verify ownership.

  1. Download the file to your computer.

  2. Using FTP, upload the file to the /v directory of your store.
     Note: If you are unfamiliar with FTP, please see our KB articles on setting up and using an FTP account.

  3. Login to your store’s admin.

  4. Go to Settings > Maintenance > Manage 301 Redirects.

  5. For the Source, enter:

  6. For the Target, enter:

  7. Save changes.

In Steps 5 and 6 above, you’ll want to replace file.html with the actual name of the file you downloaded. After you’ve uploaded your file to your website and created the 301 redirect, you may go to your third-party service and verify your site.

DNS Record

Another option to verify your site involves adding a simple TXT record to your DNS settings.

  1. Copy the TXT record (highlight and press CTRL + C).

  2. Log in to MyVolusion.

  3. Go to Manage DNS.

  4. Choose your domain name.

  5. Click on Add New Record.

  6. Select TXT from the Record Type menu.

  7. In the Record Name, enter

  8. In the Hostname, paste the TXT record (CTRL + V).

  9. Save changes.

After you have added your TXT record in your DNS settings, you may verify your site’s ownership!

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