iContact is an industry-leading email-marketing service that empowers businesses to engage, educate and retain customers and prospects – and, ultimately, to maximize ROI. The iContact platform is cost effective, feature-rich, and housed in an intuitive application.

More information on iContact can be found at

iContact offers a 30-day free trial, after which pricing depends on the number of subscribers you wish to target.

Getting Started

To get started, visit and sign up.

Click the Help button in the top right of any iContact page for step-by-step procedures (for example, Adding a Contact, Creating a Campaign, etc.) and video tutorials.

Integration - Import/Export

You can use Volusion's Import / Export tool to export customer information from your store and into the iContact system.

Exporting Customers From Volusion

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Inventory > Import/Export.

  2. Click Standard Export. 

  3. Select Customers from the Import To menu.

  4. From the list, select FirstName, LastName, CompanyName, BillingAddress1, BillingAddress2, City, State, PostalCode, PhoneNumber, FaxNumber, EmailAddress.

  5. Select CSV from the File Format menu.

  6. Click Export.

  7. After the page refreshes, click Download.

  8. Open the file and delete any row containing "ROI Tracker" in the Emailaddress column.

  9. Save the file. You may need to Save As and give it a file name.

Importing as Contacts Into iContact

  1. Sign in and click My Contacts.

  2. Click Add Contacts.

  3. In the Add Contacts section, click Upload from File.

  4. Now click Browse and find the file you created earlier.

  5. Click Upload Contacts.

  6. Next, match the iContact field names from the drop-down menus to the Volusion column names. See our table below these instructions for a mapping guide.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Enter your initials to the Spam-Free Certification box and click Subscribe These Contacts.

Your customers should now be imported into iContact!

Volusion Column Name: firstname
iContact Field Name: fname 

Volusion Column Name: lastname
iContact Field Name: lname 

Volusion Column Name: emailaddress
iContact Field Name: email 

Volusion Column Name: companyname
iContact Field Name: business 

Volusion Column Name: billingaddress1
iContact Field Name: address1 

Volusion Column Name: billingaddress2
iContact Field Name: address2 

Volusion Column Name: city
iContact Field Name: city 

Volusion Column Name: state
iContact Field Name: state 

Volusion Column Name: postalcode
iContact Field Name: zip 

Volusion Column Name: phonenumber
iContact Field Name: phone 

Volusion Column Name: faxnumber
iContact Field Name: fax 

Exporting Contacts From iContact

You can also export customers from iContact into Volusion as follows:

  1. After signing in, Click the My Contacts tab.

  2. Click Browse My Contacts.

  3. Select the List or Segment you want to export, or click Contacts in Your Account to display all of the contacts in your account

  4. Click the Export radio button at the bottom of the page.

  5. To export all contact, select All nnn contacts from the Export menu otherwise select the contacts you want to export.

  6. Click Save Contacts to a File.

  7. The next screen will ask you which fields you want to export. The default is to export them all. Deselect the Prefix and Suffix check boxes.

  8. Click Export Contacts.

  9. Save the file.

Importing as Customers Into Volusion

  1. Open the file you created above in Notepad, Excel, or similar application.

  2. The first line will contain the iContact field names in brackets ([email],[fname],[lname],[prefix], etc.). Delete the square brackets and rename according to the table shown above.

  3. Save the file.

  4. In your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Import/Export.

  5. Click Import Wizard.

  6. Select Customers from the Table menu.

  7. Click Browse and navigate to the file you created above.

  8. Click Upload my files.

  9. After a short time, a message will display letting you know that you have imported these records correctly.

Replacing the Volusion Newsletter Signup With the iContact Signup Form

If you want customers to be able to sign up for newsletters using iContact rather than Volusion's newsletter features, you can hide the I Wish to Receive Newsletter Emails from... check box and replace it with an iContact signup form!

To create a signup form in iContact:

  1. Click the My Contacts tab.

  2. Click Sign-up Forms.

  3. Click Create HTML Form.

  4. Choose the form's border, background, and font colors and click Next.

  5. Enter a name for this form (this will not be displayed and is for your reference only) and configure the fields you want to display. Note that the more fields you select, the more space the form will take up - this will determine where you can place the form on your storefront.

  6. Enter the URLs you want the visitor to be directed to after the form has been successfully completed or if an error is made.

  7. Complete the form and click Save.

  8. After completing the sign-up form process, you have the option to use the manual or the automatic version; copy the code for the version you select. The automatic version is easier to maintain and allows iContact to update it on your website; the manual version gives you control if you are an HTML expert, but must be manually updated if you make changes.

  9. Log in to your Admin Area. If you want to paste the code for the signup directly into your store's theme, go to Design > File Editor, select the template.html file for your theme, and place the code where you want the form to appear. Click Save.

    If you want the signup form to appear in the navigation menu, select Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions and click Add.

  10. Paste the code into the Body field.

  11. Enter the appropriate number into the special order field to set its position among other promotions.

  12. Click Save.

In both cases, you may need to edit the style of the code (for example: font size, style, or color) to match the rest of your storefront.

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