Constant Contact provides email and event marketing that helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect with customers to build stronger, more profitable relationships.

To get started with Constant Contact, visit their sign-up page and create a free account.

Integration - Import/Export

You can use Volusion's import / export tool to export customer information from your store into the Constant Contact system.

Exporting Customers From Your Store

  1. From your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Import/Export.

  2. Click Standard Export.

  3. Select Customers from the Export From menu.

  4. Select the fields that you want to export. At minimum, this should include FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress.

  5. Select CSV from the File Format menu.

  6. Click Export.

  7. When the page refreshes, click Download.

  8. When prompted, open the file and delete rows with "ROI Tracker" in the EmailAddress column.

  9. Save the file.

Importing as Contacts into Constant Contact

  1. After signing in, click the Contacts tab.

  2. If you want to import into a new list you will need to create the list first. Click the Create New link, enter a name and click the Join My Mailing List Form, then click Save and Add Contact.

  3. Under Lists, select the list name you just created and click Next.

  4. Check Import Contacts From a File and click Next.

  5. Click Browse, navigate to the file created above, and click Next.

  6. Select the 4 boxes on the pop-up screen and click submit.

  7. You will now be presented with columns showing a sample of your imported data. Go through each column selecting the label you want it to have. If you don't want to import a column then select Do Not Import.

  8. Click Start Import.

  9. Depending on size, the import could take between a couple of minutes and 2 hours.

Note that Constant Contact will not import customers with invalid email addresses, so any records marked as anonymous_user will be rejected.

Integration - API

If you have a Business or Prime hosting plan, you can use the Volusion API to automatically sync newsletter subscribers from your store into your Constant Contact database. For more information, see Constant Contact Integration With Volusion API.

Using a Constant Contact Signup Instead of the Volusion Newsletter Signup

If you're using the Constant Contact API integration to automatically sync newsletter subscribers from your Volusion store, it isn't necessary to remove the built-in subscription option. Any new subscribers will be flagged in your Admin Area, and the API will transmit that data to Constant Contact once every 24 hours. If you aren't syncing contacts, you may prefer to disable the Volusion newsletter signup and direct customers to a Constant Contact form.

Removing Volusion Newsletter Signup on the Checkout and Registration Pages

Since most Volusion hosting plans include newsletters, your checkout page already contains an option for customers to subscribe to your mailing list. This checkbox option is already selected for customers by default, but you can set it to be deselected if you prefer. You can also choose to remove the default newsletter subscription field all together. For more information, see "How to Edit the "I wish to receive newsletter emails from..." Option",

Removing Volusion Newsletter Signup in Your Store's Theme

Note that most Volusion themes also contain newsletter signup fields in the header or footer regions. These fields are coded to redirect subscribers to the /mailinglist_subscribe.asp page of your website, and any email addresses entered here will be stored as Volusion newsletter subscribers. If you want to prevent customers from signing up for Volusion newsletters, you can "comment out", or hide, this area of the theme code. For more information on hiding part of your theme, see "How to Add, Edit, or Remove Footer Links from Your Theme".

Providing a Constant Contact Signup Form

If you want to give customers a way to subscribe to your Constant Contact newsletters directly, you can create an article page and use the HTML section to add code for an embedded Constant Contact form. After you've created the article, be sure to add a footer link or a navigation menu link (category) that redirects to the article you created. To redirect a category to an article page, use the Alternate URL field on the category's edit page.

Alternatively, you can add a footer or category link that redirects to the URL for your Constant Contact signup form. Note that this option involves having your customers navigate away from your store. Many merchants prefer to add this kind of link to the /OrderFinished.asp page, so that it only appears to customers after purchasing.

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