Don’t have product images?

No problem. Whether you’re just starting out, changing inventory, or unable to photograph your products for another reason, we have professional stock images for you to use. To browse the library of stock images available to you, you can visit these sites: iStock and Shutterstock.

Once you find images that you would like to use, you can send the information (link) to your Project Coordinator to be used in your design. If an image is approved for use, Volusion will purchase this license to use on your store.

A few helpful tips:

  • Industry-specific images don’t have to contain product imagery to convey what you’re selling.

  • Lifestyle shots are a great way to add a friendly feel to a site and make it a bit more personable.

  • Our designers are also able to browse through stock images and provide suggestions during the design process.

Note: Volusion will maintain the license for all images. These images can only be used on your website as part of the design we provide you. If you wish to retain the image for future or external use, you will need to purchase it from the stock website.

Using your own images?

Fantastic! Professional product images allows your site to be customized with the images that you sell.

A few helpful tips:

  • Provide your designer with the largest images possible. We can always shrink them down without ruining the quality.

  • Keep the backgrounds in mind. Product images work well when they are all shot on the same background

  • Keep the images unedited. This way, your designer will be able to edit the images depending on the needs of the design.

For more tips, see "Picture Perfect Product Photos".

Helpful Tips for Product Photography

When you are ready to take your business to the next level with professional product photography, our experts at Volusion are ready to assist you! We have some great resources available in our blog to get you started.

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