If you're using a premium theme that you purchased from our Volusion Design team, you'll use a different process to change homepage images than you would with a standard theme.

Volusion merchants have the same level of access -- to all theme code and images -- as the Volusion Design team. Here, we will provide detail on how to make use of that access to change out the stock images that come with a Volusion premium theme.


The first step in changing out your graphics will be to gain direct access to the files inside your store. For that you'll need to set up an FTP connection! To do this, read "How to Use Your Volusion FTP Account" or contact our Support Team.

After getting properly set up, you'll connect to your store via FTP, and navigate to this directory:


(substitute your theme's name in place of YOURTHEME)

Once inside that directory, you'll see several images. If your premium theme includes many editable homepage graphics, you might see a lot of images! For the most part the names of the images you want to edit are named fairly semantically, like these examples:

  • home_graphic_welcome, main_graphic, etc.

  • p1, p2, p3, etc.

  • top_left, top_right, bottom_left, etc.

  • featured_products

  • etc. etc.

Again, the number of images you'll see here, and their particular names, will vary from theme to theme. What's important is to download them to your local computer, and check out what's inside each one -- then you'll see which part of your homepage each image corresponds to. It's possible that some of these will not actually show on your homepage at all, in which case you can ignore those.

Be sure to save a clean backup copy of each image in a safe place, because you're about to change them! The next step is to bring each of these images into the image editor of your choice. This could be Photoshop, or anything remotely equivalent. Make the changes you want to each image, or else paste your own image over the original, and size it to fit the frame.

What's extremely important is to retain the same dimensions, file type, and file name, for each image that you change. For example, if the original image was promo1.png and had dimensions of 300x200 pixels, then the newly-modified image should also be called promo1.png, and should have that same height and width. If you follow this consistently throughout your modifications, then you can simply re-upload the new images to the same /homepage/ directory via FTP, and overwrite the originals that are there, with no further work. You don't even have to modify the code on the homepage to point to new images, because you're overwriting the ones that are already there.

After re-uploading your modified images, be sure to refresh your storefront at least once or twice, to force your browser cache to roll over, and for the new images to show up. If you're not pleased with the results, you can edit your images again, and again, as many times as is necessary. You can repeat this process as often as you like. That's it!

NOTE: Be sure to make clean backup copies of any images you set out to modify. In case something goes wrong, you'll have those backups to re-upload and revert your store to how it was before you attempted the edits. This is a good practice to keep to for all kinds of image and coding changes. Note that the Design Team can only offer one courtesy reinstallation of the default theme files, in the event that something goes wrong. For that reason, making your own backups is highly recommended.

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