Hey there! My name is Nick, and today we’re going to go over how to set up and access an email account.

To add an email account to your plan, login to and click Plans / Orders. 

Click Add next to Email Accounts, select the number of accounts you want to add, then Confirm your selection at the bottom. 

Now that we’ve added the account, let’s create a mailbox. Select Manage Email from the left nav menu, then Add a Mailbox.

Passwords can’t contain my mailbox username, my domain name, or three consecutive sequential numbers, so these are off limits in this example.

Ok, now that we’ve created our account, let’s look at the easiest way we can check our mail. From the Manage Email screen in your My Volusion account, click Go to Webmail, then login with your email and password. Emails you receive will appear in your inbox here. Create new emails by clicking the Compose button.

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