You can make text and image edits right on your storefront by using the Volusion Easy Editor.

To get started, log in to your Admin Area and click the View Store icon in your Volusion Toolbar. As you move the mouse on your storefront, you should see a blue outline around each editable graphic and text element with a clickable Edit button.

If you don't see the blue outline and Edit button when hovering over an editable element, you need to enable on-page editing for your storefront. Hover over the Edit tab in the Volusion Toolbar at the top of the page and set the Storefront Editor switch to On.

Article Text

When editing fixed article text, you’ll see the Volusion Easy Editor, indicated by a dashed blue outline and a toolbar at the top of the editable area.

You can use the Easy Editor to:

  • Edit or format the current text displayed, and click Save

  • Click the HTML button to edit the contents as HTML code, and click Save 

See "Take it Easy: Using Volusion's Easy Editor" for an explanation of each icon in the Easy Editor toolbar.

Page Text

If the Page Text value doesn't contain any variables, you’ll see a dashed blue line around the editable area.

You can type directly into the editable area to change the text displayed. Click the check mark icon to save your changes, or click the "x" icon to cancel and discard your changes.

In some cases, the text you're editing may also have formatting applied. If the text is formatted (for example, if inline tags are in place to make the text bold or a different color), you'll see a pop up message with a link to edit the text in your Admin Area in order to preserve formatting. If you don't need to retain formatting, you can still edit the text by typing directly into the outlined editable region.

When a Page Text value contains variables, you'll see a pop up message with a link to edit the text in your Admin Area.

Page Text variables are usually written as a number surrounded by curly brackets {0}. Be sure to click the Tool Tip before editing and note the function of any variables that are present, since removing these variables may remove the intended functionality.


If the element is an image, you’ll see the Image Editor window after clicking Edit. Here you can upload a replacement image from your computer by using the Browse button, or by dragging an image file into the drop zone. Note that images dragged into the drop zone must be in .gif file format.

See "Take it Easy: Using Volusion's Easy Editor" for more information about on-page editing.

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