If you have an image or video hosted on an external website, this guide will show you how you can display it on your storefront.

Product Images

To use an externally-hosted image instead of an uploaded product image, enter the full URL and use the Photo URL Small and Photo URL Large fields in the product's Advanced Info > Misc tab.

The small image will be displayed on the product page. The large image will be used for the High Resolution Zoom Image (if you have Image Zoom enabled it will be displayed when you move the cursor over the product image).

Other Images

To use images elsewhere on your site, you need to put a link into a description or article field.

You can also use on-page editing.

To create a link, use the following format:

<img src="http://www.external_domain.com/path/imagefile.jpg" width=x height=y>

Replacing http://www.external_domain.com/path/imagefile.jpg with the domain path and file name. The Width and Height values are optional, but are useful if the external images are large and need to be resized to fit your page. Note that this will not change the actual dimensions of the original file.

Product Videos

If you want to embed YouTube videos on your product page, you can do so through the YouTube Video Management section of the product edit page. These videos will appear in the Description tab of the storefront product details page.

Other Videos

Videos can be added to other pages of your website by inserting video embed code. If you use a hosting site that specializes in videos, you should follow their instructions for creating HTML code that can be pasted into a description or article field. If the video is held on YouTube, for example, click Share then Embed. Make sure you copy all the code displayed.

For detailed instructions, see "How to Add Product and Marketing Videos to Your Site".

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