Temporarily Closing Your Store

There may be times when you need to close up shop for a bit.  For example, you may need to do a major product update.  Or you might be re-branding your biz, complete with a site redesign that you want to unveil with a big launch.  

To temporarily close your store, just go to Settings > Maintenance in your Admin Area, and click Close My Store. 

To re-open your store after you’ve made change, click Open My Store

Closing your store will not block your access to your Admin Area.  Even though you’ll see a message that the store is currently closed to customers on your storefront, you can still navigate through it. 

While your store is in Maintenance Mode,  your Add to Cart  buttons will be disabled, to allow you to make updates to your store without the possibility of submitting an order. 

Visitors to your storefront will be greeted with a default message stating that the site is temporarily down for maintenance and will be back online shortly. You can edit this message by clicking Customize Your Maintenance Message Here.

For more info on how to temporarily close your store for maintenance, see our “Maintenance Features” article.

Putting Your Store on Hold Or Canceling Your Account

Though we’ll be sad to see you go, we know that there may be times when you need to put your store on hold for a while or close it completely. Please contact our Support team and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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