If you ever purchased software for your computer, 🖥️  you’ve seen that, when you go to install it, there’s usually a license number you need to input to identify your account and ensure you’re using the software legally. 👍 Well, similarly, Volusion software also has licenses associated with every store account.

If you receive a “Licensing Authentication Failed” error message on your store, your license may have become corrupt or invalid. 😯  This can occur with transfers of ownership or domain name changes. But don’t worry, a simple update by our friendly staff will reestablish your license with your account, so you’ll be back in business in no time! 😀

Just contact Volusion support and request a reset of your licensing information.


Software licensing helps protect the business that makes the software and the account holder by ensuring only the person who buys the software is using it. By keeping your account up to date, if you should have a transfer of ownership or any other account change, you can ensure your licensing will operate smoothly. If not, we’re always here to help! 🤓

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