Everybody loves cookies of the ooey, gooey variety. Nom, nom, nom! 🍪  But when it comes to computer cookies, that’s not always the case. Computer cookies are small files — think of them as bite-sized chocolate chips (yum!) — that store information on the people who stop by your site.

Sometimes, it’s just an identifier. Other times, it might be how much time they spent on your site, what they browsed and what they bought. This allows your site to deliver a page tailored to each customer when they return to your site. 

Some people don’t mind these cookies anymore than oatmeal raisin when the double-chocolates run out. But other customers want to put a block on any kind of tracking. For that reason, you need to make your customers aware that your site uses cookies, and ask for their consent. In fact, if you cater to EU (European Union customers), disclosing this is the law.

You could do this by placing a pop-up or banner on your site. To do so, you can reach out to any of our partners to purchase custom coding that can assist with obtaining user consent from a banner or pop-up.



Cookies are not always as well received in the computer world as a plate of sugary snickerdoodles. But, as a store owner, it’s pretty sweet that they collect info on who’s coming to your store and what they’re interested in. Customers benefit by receiving a more personalized shopping experience. Just make sure they’re aware that you’re collecting their data and that they consent to it.

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