To build great relationships with your customers, vendors and partners, you’ve got to stay in touch. Your Volusion store includes a Volusion-hosted email account just for this purpose.

Accessing Your Account

There are several ways to access your email account. You can log in to your mail account(s) using the Volusion Web Mail Interface at, or you can use Microsoft Outlook (or another email client such as Apple Mail).

If you choose to use your Volusion mail with an outside email client, you can configure either POP-3 or IMAP settings. For more information, please visit the Rackspace Email Help Portal. Once you log in with the email address and password for one of your Volusion-hosted accounts, you'll be able to search Rackspace's knowledge base for answers.

Notes on Setting Up Email

Note that Volusion does not provide support for configuring mobile devices for use with Volusion-hosted email. Please contact your mobile service provider if you need assistance. For information on configuring your email for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or a different mobile device, please visit the Rackspace Email Help Portal.

Depending on your ISP, you may experience a delay in emails being sent due to constraints the ISP has placed on the SMTP protocol. This is a confirmed issue with AT&T, SBC, Comcast, and Insight Broadband services and it is likely an issue with many others.

If you are experiencing this issue, please see "Delays Sending Email With Volusion Using Outlook or Other POP Email Clients".


Volusion email helps you keep in touch with all your business contacts. With all of your messages in one organized account, you’ll never lose track of what’s come in or what’s gone out. 

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