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To create a link using the Easy Editor, click the Link icon, then select Insert Link. In the Link window, paste or type in the URL, and make any desired changes to the text. If you'd like the link to open in a new tab, check the box for this setting. Click Insert to apply the link, then Save to make the changes live on your storefront.

Once you've created a link, you can easily remove or modify it by placing your cursor inside the linked text, clicking the Link icon, then selecting Unlink, and save.

You can also use the Easy Editor to add email and anchor links. To insert an email link, click Email at the top of the Link window, then type your preferred email address and the text for the link. Once you've saved the changes to the storefront, the link automatically opens a pre-addressed email to the address you specified, using whichever mail client is installed on the user’s computer.

If you’re familiar with HTML, you can click Anchor to link to an anchor tag you've created in the code.

You can also add links to images on your storefront. To do so, select an image in the Easy Editor by clicking on it, then click the Edit button that appears in the middle of the image. Here, you can type a URL into the Link field, add a title if desired, and then Save.

For instructions on adding an image, see our video called How to Upload Images in the Easy Editor.

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