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The Easy Editor is a tool that lets you quickly add and format text, images, and links that appear on your site. You can access it in a number of places throughout your Admin Area and on the storefront.

If you don’t know HTML, this tool generates it for you using a WYSIWYG editor similar to Microsoft Word. Once you add text in this window, the Easy Editor creates HTML that displays it in the same way on your storefront. If you know HTML, you can add your own styling by modifying the raw code. Clicking Save makes the changes live on your site.

The Easy Editor’s most common use is changing text font, size, style, justification, color, and spacing.

For best results, you should not copy and paste text from other programs like Microsoft Word, as it often contains hidden XML that may corrupt the Easy Editor’s code.

To see more advanced uses of the Easy Editor, please watch our other videos in this series.

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