Web designers may want to know that Volusion's hosting system automatically redirects visitors to specific, key pages that can be contained within any given store directory within your store's file structure. This behavior is necessary for some key elements of Volusion's hosting system to function, but it can also be used to simplify your store's design.


If a customer visits http://www.myvolusionstore.com/v/content/, this URL will automatically redirect to http://www.myvolusionstore.com/v/content/default.htm – provided that file is contained within the /content directory.

Files You Can Redirect

Please note that by default, your store will automatically redirect to the following pages when visiting the URL for any directory in your store - provided any one of these pages exist within the directory:

  • default.aspx

  • default.asp

  • default.htm

  • index.htm

Please note that your store will redirect to any of these files in the order listed above. For example, when visiting the URL, http://www.myvolusionstore.com/v/content, which contains both a file named default.htm and index.html, the URL will automatically be redirected to http://www.myvolusionstore.com/v/content/default.htm.

Using This Feature

You can utilize this behavior to create URLs for custom content within your store. For example, a custom landing located at "http://www.myvolusionstore.com/custom/page.htm" can be renamed "default.htm". This lets you to shorten any URL link to this file to "http://www.myvolusionstore.com/custom" – which will automatically redirect visitors to the "default.htm" file.

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