Your computer acts like a little squirrel. 🐿️ When you visit websites, it stores all of your browsing history info like nuts in a furry friend’s pudgy cheeks. 🌰🌰🌰 Except, your computer’s “cheeks” are called cache (pronounced like “cash” 💵).

The Refresh Store Admin Session tool can be used to address caching issues in your browser and to improve the speed and performance of your store Admin Area. Follow the below instructions as a first step to troubleshoot Admin Area performance issues.

  1. Go to Settings > Maintenance in your store Admin Area.

  2. Click Refresh next to Store Admin Session to run the tool on your store.


Next time you notice your computer is running a little sluggish, just use the Refresh Store Admin Session to get back up to speed! 🖥️ 💨

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