When customers place an order, they may have a shipping address 📦  that’s different from the billing address for their credit card. 💳  The item could be a gift 🎁  going to a recipient’s address or the customer may live and receive their bills in two different places (like a P.O. box, for example). 📪  

There are two Config Variables that allow you to control whether customers are permitted to enter different billing and shipping addresses when they place an order, and whether you want shipping address fields to be displayed by default or hidden until selected (in the case where you would like to allow different billing and shipping addresses).

To configure the Allow Different Shipping and Billing Addresses and Always Display Shipping And Billing Addresses Fields variables:

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables and click Search.

  2. Enter "billing addresses" in the Name field and click Search. The 2 variables should now be displayed.

Disabling Both Settings

If you make both variables inactive, the Billing Information section of your checkout page will show fields for customers to enter their billing address (or select it from previously provided addresses). There will be no fields available for entering or selecting a different shipping address in the Shipping Information section.

Enabling Allow Different Shipping and Billing Addresses Only

If the Allow Different Shipping and Billing Addresses Config Variable is enabled, the Shipping Information section will contain a check box labeled Ship to my Billing Address.

If a customer deselects this option, shipping address fields display so they can enter a shipping address (or select from a previously entered address).

Enabling Both Settings

If both variables are enabled, the shipping address fields always display. The customer can copy their billing address into the shipping address fields if needed.

Note that Always Display Shipping And Billing Addresses will not work to display fields for both address types unless Allow Different Shipping and Billing Addresses is also checked.


With Volusion, you have total control of what your customers can see and do on your site. And that’s what makes you the boss! 😎

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