CVV, CVV2 or CVC. Call it what you will; it refers to numbers on the back of a credit card. These three or four little digits add a big layer of security to online purchases, making it difficult for thieves to pull off credit card fraud if they don’t have the physical card in their possession.

If you want to require this for purchases and the field to enter the digits is not displaying on your store’s checkout page, there could be 3 possible reasons:

  1. You may not have a payment gateway set up. Check your Settings > Payment page to make sure there is a gateway configured.

  2. The Config Variable called Require_CVV2_Security_Number may not be selected. Go to Settings > Config Variables and select Checkout Variables from the Filter menu. Make sure the Require_CVV2_Security_Number check box is selected.

  3. Your credit card storage policies may not be set to accept a CVV2 code on your checkout page. To see if your data storage settings allow for the CVV2 code, go to Settings > Payment and click Alternative Settings on the Payment Gateway tab. If Authorize and Capture at Shipping is selected, your checkout screen will not ask customers for a CVV2 code. Choose one of the other storage settings if you would like to collect the CVV2 code from customers instead.


Requiring customers to enter their CVV/CVV2/CVC at checkout is a great way to keep bad guys at bay. 👹 If for some reason the field where customers enter these digits isn’t appearing on your checkout page, there’s likely an easy explanation. Just follow the steps above to make shopping your site more secure.

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