Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.



To create a custom checkout field link, go to Settings > Custom Fields in your Admin Area and select the checkout field you want to edit.

In the Question Sub Text field, we'll use HTML to create a link to our terms page. You may find it easier to use a customized version of the default terms.asp page. For more information on customizing this page, see our video called How to Create and Edit Articles. One way to provide a hyperlink to this page is to enter the following html. It’s included in the transcript below to make it easier to copy and paste:

(click <a href="/terms.asp" target="_blank">here</a> to view the terms)

Now, on the checkout page, customers can follow the link to view the terms of purchase.

You can create your own article and link to it by editing this portion of the HTML. Simply insert the file path of the custom page and click Save. You can also enter an external URL here. If you do, be sure to enter http:// first.

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