A professional like yourself deserves a credit card gateway that can keep up. Thankfully, there’s PayPal Pro. This upgrade to PayPal Standard is a fully dedicated payment gateway service that can be integrated with your U.S. Volusion Store. 

Please note that PayPal Pro differs from PayPal Express. To accept payments via PayPal, enable PayPal as a payment option under Settings > Payments > More Payment Types in your Admin Area, select PayPal Express and enter the required values.

Important Note

Since you have to set up your PayPal Pro account and obtain your API certificate on PayPal’s website, Volusion cannot guarantee that the information below will always be accurate. We will make every effort to update these procedures as we are notified of changes.

If you have questions or need help setting up a PayPal Pro account or getting an API certificate, please visit the PayPal Help Center.

Do you have a PayPal Signature?

If you are transferring from another ecommerce platform where you’ve been using PayPal Pro, you may have been using a PayPal API Signature. Note that the PayPal Express integration in Volusion uses PayPal API Signature. Because of this, you can use PayPal Pro and PayPal Express with the same Volusion store, but you cannot use the same PayPal Business account for both your PayPal Pro credit card gateway and your PayPal Express payment method.

If you have a Paypal API Signature, but need to generate a Paypal API certificate instead, follow PayPal's instructions to remove your existing API signature.

Setting Up a PayPal Pro Account

To use the PayPal Pro gateway, you’ll need to register with PayPal and obtain the API information required to integrate your PayPal Pro account with Volusion:

  1. Go to the PayPal website.

  2. Click Get Started Today.

  3. Follow the instructions provided.

Obtaining Your API Certificate

Once you've set up your account, you can get your API Certificate from PayPal. Be sure to save the file as the default "cert_key_pem.txt" in a location on your device that's easy to remember. Then, start a conversation with us by clicking the bubble in the lower right corner of this screen and attach the file to it.

Once you receive confirmation from us that the certificate installation is complete, you can proceed with the following instructions.

Integrating Your Store with PayPal Pro

  1. Go to Settings > Payment in your Admin Area.

  2. In the Gateway Country menu, select United States.

  3. In the Gateway Name menu, select Other.

  4. Four text boxes will appear in the area beneath the Merchant Gateway Name menu.

  5. In the field labeled Gateway Name, enter "PAYPAL".

  6. In the first Custom field, enter the API Username for your PayPal Pro account.

  7. Leave the second Custom field blank.

  8. In the third Custom field, enter the API Password for your PayPal Pro account.

  9. Click Alternative Settings.

  10. Set the Payment Capture Setting to Authorize and Capture at Sale.

  11. Click Save.

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