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The payment capture settings you’re required or able to use depend on your gateway, so if you need to change your default gateway settings, go to Settings > Payment in your Admin Area and click Alternative Settings.

Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping is the default setting. In this status, the gateway attempts to authorize credit cards automatically at the moment of sale and, if successful, allows you to manually capture the funds later. This setting is recommended since it ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers and gives you the chance to examine orders before you’ve incurred the risk of collecting funds and shipping your merchandise. Unless your gateway requires a different setting, we recommend always using this default setting.

Authorize and Capture at Sale attempts to authorize and capture funds immediately at the moment of sale. Transactions will be listed as debits in the payment log. This is the most convenient way to accept orders, but it’s also the riskiest.

Authorize and Capture at Shipping stores credit card data so you can manually perform both steps later, either separately or simultaneously. This setting is more secure than Authorize and Capture at Sale since it gives you an opportunity to examine the order, but it’s less secure than Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping because data storage is not permitted for the CVV2 number, which is a valuable fraud prevention tool.

To learn more, watch our video on How to Process Orders.

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